What we can learn from the Hollywood hustle

Inspiration Apr 03, 2021

It’s easy to forget that even Hollywood legends had to start somewhere.

There was once a time when Jack Nicholson was pounding the pavements of Los Angeles, trying to get hired.

Before the yeses began to flow, he was on the receiving end of inevitable rejections.

But there was also a part in the middle.

The producers and studio execs would still tell Jack they didn’t need him, but instead of a flat no, they acknowledged something else.

Rumour has it that it went a bit like this:

“We don’t need you right now, but when we need you… well, we’re really gonna need you.”

The market wasn’t ready. Not yet at least. But it would be.

Jack had traits and skills that weren’t easy for everyone to describe, but these execs knew he had something. It was hard to pin down; difficult to pigeon-hole; yet also absolutely undeniable.

So, Jack’s path forward wasn’t necessarily easy, but it sure was simple.

He just had to stay in the game. Keep doing his thing. And stay being Jack.

When we’re in a similar position to Jack - pounding the pavements, and trying to get noticed - it can all feel frustrating or futile.

However, it’s worth thinking about how you can be a Jack of your trade.

  • What’s that unique combination of skills you possess?
  • How do your interests, style, perspectives, or values help you stand out?

Because when they need you, they’re really gonna need you.